• How to Produce Awesome Collaborations On YouTube [GUEST POST]

    collaboration How to Produce Awesome Collaborations On YouTube [GUEST POST]

    As the manager of Simple Pickup (for now), I’ve been able to introduce and help bring other YouTubers to collaborate on our channel. The four main collaborations that I’ve had a heavy hand in have been with the YouTubers’ PvP, VitalyzdTV, LAHWF, and JK Films.

    We are now close friends, we hang out, and we will all probably do more collaborations in the future. (Managers don’t really become friends with talent as we’re pushed aside after we meet up. In addition, it is through these collaborations that we were able to grow our YouTube subscribers base significantly. In one of the collaborations, we gained 30,000 new subscribers in one day!

    In this post I’m going to tell the tacit and strategies we’ve approached with each of these collaborations. My job was solely to get the YouTubers together and then make sure when we publish the episode everything looks pristine with all the little bells and whistles that go with the episode.

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  • 4 Reasons Big Corporations Should Invest Their Ad Dollars into YouTube

    Screen Shot 2013-08-25 at 3.22.34 PM

    I was recently asked by a big corporation to give a short presentation on how their company can better reach the young Gen-Y audience. I was surprised and slightly disappointed in the fact that the social media buzz has been around for awhile now and a big corporation like this STILL hasn’t figured it out!?

    I can’t blame them too much though, many big brands are still used to getting their product out via traditional media outlets because it’s worked for them for so long. Also, judging by the fact that these companies are so huge, creative ideas probably take a bit long to reach the higher-ups. But, I sincerely think that these companies need to look into investing in the YouTube space if they are looking for more creative ways to build their brand. Here are 4 reasons why.

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  • Dear YouTubers, Please Stop Depending on YouTube + Thoughts on Hank Green’s Latest Video

    tumblr lfr7uorN1k1qavzhb Dear YouTubers, Please Stop Depending on YouTube + Thoughts on Hank Greens Latest Video

    Today, my friend Hank Green released a video titled “A Chat with YouTube,” which essentially criticized YouTube for its recent changes including the layout redesign, its further integration with Google+, the algorithm changes etc. Although Hank did stress his gratitude for YouTube for providing a great platform for creators to publish content, he voiced frustrations many creators have had this past year including YouTube seeking to control the way their content is presented, the look/design of their channel layout, and most importantly, how they connect with their audience.

    Check out the video here:

    I think Hank makes some amazing points that YouTube needs to hear. Regardless of what you think, it’s been proven time and time again that “television style” content does NOT work on YouTube. As Hank mentioned, the types of content you see going viral consistently are the ones we would have never expected in the first place. Most importantly, YouTube seeking to control their creators is completely counter-intuitive to what the platform is all about: Being creative without constraints!

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